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Horticulture Therapy at Waveny Care Center

The ​Horticultural Therapy Program at Waveny Care Center​ was established when Waveny opened in 1975. Professionally trained volunteers, including several New Canaan Garden Club members, met weekly with residents to work on plant-related activities. The original program won several awards, including a Certificate of Achievement from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut in 1981.

Today, Horticultural Therapy at Waveny Care Center is operated entirely by NCGC volunteers who meet once a month from September through June. They assist WCC residents in the creation of floral centerpieces for the dining room as well as guide the Adult Day Care participants in a variety of gardening, flower arranging and plant related activities. Over the years, seniors have created pave floral arrangements, propagated jade and coleus plants, crafted miniature terrariums, forced narcissus bulbs and decorated wreaths for the holidays.

Hort Therapy is a fun and rewarding experience for all who are involved!