Plant Plan for the 2013 Founders Fund Project in Central Park

Click on the icon below to download the site and plant plan for 2013 Founders Fund Project in Central Park.  All 200 member clubs committed to funding this project which will restore two acres in Central Park to the original vision of Frederick Law Olmsted.  The Groundbreaking, held on Wednesday, October 5th at the East 69th and Fifth Avenue site, was attended by hundreds including some of our members: Catharine Sturgess, Caroline Garrity, Jane Gamber, Peg Salmon, and Susan O’Brien. It was wonderful to see their smiling faces and feel their support.     Continue Reading →

GCA focus Online Photography Competition

Click on the PDF link below to download the most recent issue of GCA’s focus photography magazine.  It is a special issue featuring an online photography competition where all GCA members are invited to vote.  You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking photographs and impressed with the talents of the many gifted photographers that sent in these images.  GCA welcomes our participation . . . just follow the rules and cast your ballot.  You, too, can be a judge!     Continue Reading →

Winter 2012 focus Magazine and Online Photo Contest

Click on the PDF icons below to download the latest issue of GCA’s focus magazine and a Hotflash announcing the newest online photography contest.  Maybe you would like to enter and be a part of this wonderful GCA discipline. It will make you even more aware of  the beauty around you! It’s easy to enter — just send a name and an image via email. It can’t get any easier than that.     Continue Reading →

Boxwood Blight

The Boxwood Blight is fast becoming a significant problem in Connecticut.  Download the PDF files below to learn more about this disease and how to identify its symptons which include brown leaf spots, black stem lesions and rapid defoliation.  Any boxwood suspected of having boxwood blight caused by Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum (syn. C. buxicola) much be confirmed at the state regulatory lab at CT Agricultural Experiiment Station.  

To save time in the confirmation and diagnosis of this new and important disease, it is best to recommend that samples go to their lab directly rather than coming to the UConn Storrs lab.  Alternatively, clients may contact the CAES Plant Disease Information Office (PDIO) directly by going to their website: or by calling 203-974-8601 or 1-877-855-2237 (toll free outside New Haven area).     Continue Reading →