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NCGC Joins Pollinator Pathway

The New Canaan Library hosted a presentation to launch New Canaan's participation in the regional Pollinator Pathway. From left are Anda Hutchins of the New Canaan Garden Club; Mary Ellen Lamay, of the Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership, Louise Washer of the Norwalk River Watershed Association, Aaron Lefland of the New Canaan Land Trust, Kayla Del Biondo of the New Canaan Library, Robin Bates-Mason of Planet New Canaan, Betsy Sammarco of the New Canaan Beautification League, and Faith Kerchoff of the New Canaan Beautification League. Photo: Connecticut Post

New Canaan Garden Club is one of ten New Canaan organizations that have pledged to become part of the Pollinator Pathway, a pesticide-free corridor of public and private properties that provide native pollinator-friendly plant habitats and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife.

Some of the threats to pollinators are the widespread application of pesticides and other chemicals on lawns, landscaped plantings and agricultural crops as well as the spread of ‘invasive” (non-native) plants. The project began in 2017 in Wilton. Since then, over 35 towns in Connecticut and New York have established pathways.

If you would like more information on how to make your property pollinator-friendly, visit the Pollinator-Pathway home page at: www.pollinator-pathway.org. You’ll find links to great resources on alternatives to pesticides, native plant lists, and more!

The goal is to continue the corridors of pollinator-friendly properties in New Canaan with private and public land. Residents are encouraged to “bee” on the pathway and sign up their own pollinator-friendly property by clicking on the purple button on the web site.

A launch event was held this past June, at the New Canaan Library, with presentations by Mary Ellen Lemay, Coordinator of the Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership, and Louise Washer, president of the Norwalk River Watershed Association. Partnering organizations in New Canaan are Grace Farms, Planet New Canaan, New Canaan Nature Center, New Canaan Garden Club, New Canaan Beautification League, New Canaan Library, The Glass House, New Canaan Land Trust, New Canaan Department of Public Works and the Norwalk River Watershed Association.