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New and Improved GCA Website

The new GCA website is LIVE!  It is still a work-in-progress but you can now log in and register your own personal user name (your email address) and password of your choice.

Instructions for login to the Members Only area follow:

1. Go to the GCA website at http://www.gcamerica.org
2. Click on the link entitled “Member’s Login” in the upper left corner.
3. Login in using your iMIS ID — that odd combo of your name and number, e.g. JSHAW104190
4. Type one-time password = TempPass1
5. Create your own password
6. Enter your email address. The next time you login (and each time thereafter) you’ll type in your email address as your “Username” along with the password you’ve created.
7. Update your contact information
To see the how the rosters display: Click on “Find Clubs” in the upper left hand corner of the page

Click on the PDF below to download the NCGC’s login codes (iMIS ID numbers).  Remember you will only need this number on the first time you log in.  The next time and each time therafter, you’ll user your email address as your “username” along with your previously created “password”.