Awards and Recipients

2022-2023 NCGC Club Awards

The Noble TrayStephanie RadmanGiven to a member for a civic project or outstanding community service.
Sally Waters BasketShonah DrakosGiven by Mr. Richard D. Waters in memory of his wife, Sally, in recognition of members’ participation in flower shows, in the fields of horticulture or flower arranging.
Rising Star AwardElizabeth KerGiven periodically to newer member(s) who made a special contribution.
President's AwardDao Engle, Anda Hutchins, Mariko LeBaron, Claire Salvatore, Kristin SelvalaGiven at the discretion of the current presidents.
Pammie Post Photography AwardPatricia BenningtonGiven in recognition of creative and technical excellence in response to the theme of the schedule.
NCGC Good Citizenship AwardNorwalk River Watershed AssociationPresented to a non-member or an organization for exemplary involvement in maintaining the mission of our club to restore, improve and protect the open space, environment and quality of life in our community.
NCGC Flower Arranging AwardCarrie CorcoranAwarded to a member who consistently and enthusiastically shares her creativity and love of flower arranging in the club and community.
Nancy Savage Kelly AwardNot AwardedGiven in honor of Nancy Savage Kelly to a person of horticultural expertise with a willingness to share her knowledge and garden.
Maud Wilcox BowlKatie StewartGiven to a member who is especially creative and inspirational in pursuit of the Garden Club’s purpose to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening and related endeavors.
Julie Dent Cultivation AwardJane GamberAwarded to a member with outstanding knowledge of and interest in the cultivation of plants.
Betty Dominick Service AwardCathie Pike, Margo SissonGiven in memory of Betty Dominick to a member for outstanding and loyal service to the New Canaan Garden Club.

GCA Anniversary Certificates

60 Year Anniversary CertificateElise Lapham (1999)
Allison Caesar (2013)
Jackie Fearey (2014)
Jeanne Hart (2018)

GCA Judges

Floral Design Judges EmeritaCecilie Cruger
Nancy Means
Cathie Pike*
Floral Design JudgeNancy Kalal
Botanical Arts Prospective JudgeNancy Kalal
Horticulture Judge EmeritaSheila McMann
Horticulture JudgesLauren Bromberg*
Jane Gamber*
Horticulture Prospective JudgeAnda Hutchins*
Photography Judge EmeritaCathie Pike*
*Past President

NCGC Years in Service

Number of YearsName
NCGC 65+Jeanne Hart (1958)
NCGC 50+ Years in ClubRuth Swanberg (1971)
Cathie Pike* (1973)
Margo Sisson (1973)
NCGC 45+ Years in ClubLynne Ryan (1974)
Sheila McMann (1977)
Joby Gray (1978)
NCGC 40+ Years in ClubNat MacDonald (1979)
Anne MacKenzie (1979)
Weezie Reid (1979)
Alice Parker* (1983)
Rita Kirby (1983)
Sandy Slaughter (1983)
NCGC 35+ Years in ClubAnn Fuller (1982)
Gill Foster* (1984)
Cecilie Cruger (1984)
Cornie Nelson (1984)
Nancy Means (1984)
Bonnie Ford (1985)
Kathie Moore (1985)
Sky Field (1986)
Katie Stewart* (1986)
Liz Weed (1986)
Kris Johnson (1987)
Trisha Albus* (1988)
Lucy Anderson (1988)
Leslie Pierpont (1988)
NCGC 30+ Years in ClubSusan Blabey (1989)
Debbie Wright* (1989)
Maury Anfindsen (1990)
Sandra O’Neill (1990)
Missy Goulard* (1991)
Gail Ahern (1992)
Carolyn Clark (1992)
Jayne Rogers (1992)
Sandy Smith (1992)
NCGC 25+ Years in ClubSusan Rein (1994)
Judy Stephan* (1995)
Judy Neville (1996)
Fran O’Neil (1996)
Peg Salmon (1996)
Cheezie Wendin (1996)
Shelly Emery (1997)
Catharine Sturgess* (1997)
Christine Yordan (1997)
Linda Aysseh (1998)
Susan Brock (1998)
*Past President

List of GCA, Zone II and GCA Club and Flower Show Awards and Recipients

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