Awards and Recipients

2019-2020 NCGC Club Awards

NCGC Flower Arranging AwardCatharine Sturgess
Betty Dominick Service AwardAnne Mackenzie
Maud Wilcox BowlMary Tanzi
The Noble TrayJudy Neville & Kate Burt
Rising Star AwardMaura Craig
Julie Dent Cultivation AwardJane Gamber
Sally Waters BasketGill Foster
NCGC Good Citizenship AwardRobin Bates-Mason (Planet New Canaan)
Pammie Post Photography AwardAlice Wyman

2019-2020 GCA Club Awards

Club Horticulture AwardKris Johnson
Certificate of AppreciationFran O'Neil

GCA Anniversary Certificates

60 Year Anniversary CertificateAllison Caesar

Smithsonian Gardens

New Canaan Member Gardens in the Archives of American GardensLaura Case
New Canaan Member Gardens in the Archives of American GardensKathie Moore

GCA Judges

Floral Design Judges EmeritaCecilie Cruger
Nancy Means
Cathie Pike*
Floral Design JudgeNancy Kalal
Horticulture Judge EmeritaSheila McMann
Horticulture JudgesLauren Bromberg
Jane Gamber*
Jayne Rogers
Photography Judge EmeritaCathie Pike*
*Past President

NCGC Years in Service

Number of YearsName
Honorary MemberAllison Caesar (1953)
NCGC 60+ Years in ClubAllison Caesar (1953)
Jeanne Hart (1958)
NCGC 50+ Years in ClubSabra Jayne* (1968)
NCGC 45+ Years in ClubRuth Swanberg* (1971)
Cathie Pike* (1973)
Margo Sisson (1973)
Lynne Ryan (1974)
NCGC 40+ Years in ClubSheila McMann (1977)
Joby Gray (1978)
Nat MacDonald (1979)
Anne MacKenzie (1979)
Weezie Reid (1979)
NCGC 35+ Years in ClubCarolyn Nusloch (1981)
Ann Fuller (1982)
Rita Kirby (1983)
Alice Parker* (1983)
Sandy Slaughter (1983)
Gill Foster* (1984)
Cecilie Cruger (1984)
Cornie Nelson (1984)
Nancy Means (1984)
Bonnie Ford (1985)
Kathie Moore (1985
NCGC 30+ Years in ClubSky Field (1986)
Katie Stewart* (1986)
Liz Weed (1986)
Kris Johnson (1987)
Trisha Albus* (1988)
Lucy Anderson (1988)
Sue Kavetas (1988)
Leslie Pierpont (1988)
Susan Blabey (1989)
Debbie Wright* (1989)
Maury Anfindsen (1990)
Sandra O'Neill (1990)
Marion Rose (1990)
NCGC 25+ Years in ClubMissy Goulard* (1991)
Betty Grymes (1991)
Gail Ahern (1992)
Carolyn Clark (1992)
Jayne Rogers (1992)
Sandy Smith (1992)
Susan Rein (1994)
Judy Stephan* (1995)
*Past President

Complete List of Awards and Recipients (as of 2014)