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New Canaan Garden Club Produces Reusable Bags

Pictured: New Canaan Garden Club Conservation Committee members (from left) Jo Ziesing, Tracy Merrill, Wendy Dewey and Julie Peter are responsible for producing reusable bags being distributed by the organization. Contributed photo

In support of the growing worldwide movement banning single-use plastic bags, the New Canaan Garden Club has produced reusable bags, which are available for purchase at Elm Street Books.

These bags conveniently fold back into a small attached pouch, which can be easily carried in a coat pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase, or hooked to a strap with the attached carabiner.

The New Canaan Town Council passed an ordinance in February banning single-use plastic bags beginning in the fall of this year. As has been widely publicized, single-use plastic bags have had an enormous impact on the earth’s ecology as they take so long to decompose, have clogged waterways and have been found in oceans affecting the life and well-being of many marine creatures.