Membership Procedure

Members are encouraged to bring individuals whom they believe may make good candidates for membership to any of the monthly meetings except September, December and June. Please notify the Membership Chair in advance if you are bringing a guest to one of the Club meetings. She will have a name tag printed for your guest and make a special effort to welcome her to the meeting.

The Proposal letter, one Seconding letter and two letters of Support are due to the Membership Committee by March 15th, 2022. Proposer should include a brief biography of the candidate.

For your letters, they should include how you know the potential member. You may want to write about her background, education, spouse, children and past volunteer history. Please also focus on skills, talents, gardening experience and what she could contribute as a future member to our Garden Club.

As a proposer, you will be expected to attend with your potential member an informational tea to be held at the end of February. This is to make sure that those being proposed will be fully versed with the expectations that will be required within their first two years in the club.

1) Membership Committee meets to review files of applicants and vote on each file individually.
2) Prospective members are put to a vote at the April Board meeting by paper ballot.

General membership votes on prospective members at the May monthly meeting.


Provisionals are expected to attend the June monthly meeting where they will be introduced to the membership.