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Members in the New Canaan Garden Club (NCGC) will discover a shared knowledge and love of gardening, flower design, and photography and an interest in restoring, improving and protecting the environment. By association, individuals gain access to exceptional education meetings, conferences, correspondence and publications as well as occasions to socialize and become engaged in civic beautification and improvement.

Membership is by invitation only. Prospective members are proposed, seconded and supported by current NCGC members. A membership committee confidentially reviews all applications and proposes candidates to the Board for approval.

To be eligible for membership an individual must:

  • Own or rent a home in New Canaan and have lived in the community for at least three years
  • Have a garden in which an active personal interest is taken and/or be actively interested in floral design, horticulture, conservation or photography
  • Be willing and able to sustain the goals of the club and to participate regularly in its activities and programs
  • Pass through a provisional year (upon acceptance), which includes an introductory program as well as the regular club programs and activities

Active membership requires consistent involvement in NCGC activities, including regular attendance at meetings and workshops, active participation on at least one administrative or civic committee and active participation in at least one civic project each year. Active members are strongly encouraged to participate in conservation and fund raising and to exhibit in at least one Flower Show each year and/or sweepstakes at regular meetings.