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History of Waveny Walled Garden, by Ellen Zumbach

Click on the PDF file below to download Ellen’s terrific presentation on the History of Waveny Walled Garden. 

Ellen’s photographic tour of the garden, both past and present, can be viewed on our website Photo Gallery (Click on the Photo Gallery tab under Activities and then click on the album labeled “History of the Waveny Walled Garden”).  You will be impressed and engaged by Ellen’s thoughtful research, entertaining prose and collection of memorable photos!  Together they capture the history, multiple restorations and on going care that our Club provides for this garden.  Ellen’s ambitious effort to compile and record this history are applauded and greatly appreciated.  Through her hard work and devotion, the history of Waveny Walled Garden will be preserved along with the garden itself as “a part of the fabric of our town and our lives.”  Thank you, Ellen.

 Waveny Walled Garden history.pdf