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C-Change Conversations

C-Change Conversations is a non-profit organization committed to bringing the discussion of climate change out of the political arena and into local communities. This recording features the C-Change Primer, a 45-minute presentation that uses visual data, charts, and photographs to provide an accessible overview of the science behind climate change and a clear-eyed assessment of the potential risks ahead.      Continue Reading →

Holiday Greens Workshop

Well, despite all the restrictions we had to adhere to due to Covid-19, we managed to pull it off and once again provide the beautiful wreaths that adorn our downtown area throughout the holidays!  Together, with the Beautification League, we donned our masks, moved our workstations at least six feet apart, kept our volunteer numbers low, and had a ball making our festive wreaths!  Interesting fact – since 1960 the Garden Club has convened each December to make these wreaths for our downtown, and no way were we going to let a stupid pandemic get in our way! Ho-Ho-Ho!    

Weed Wrangle at Irwin Park

On two consecutive Saturdays, September 19th and 26th, a group of energetic NCGC members cut down several patches of Japanese knotweed, opposite the goat pen in Irwin Park. Armed with clippers, horticultural vinegar and black coffee, they cut and bagged the branches, and then poured vinegar and coffee in the hollow stalks. Hopefully, this will weaken the roots of the invasive knotweed plants at the time when they are the weakest (producing seeds). This action is part of a 3-year project to find the safest way to eradicate invasives from Irwin Park and encourage more native pollinators to return.    

October Monthly Meeting rescheduled for Thursday, October 8th

Due to a scheduling glitch, our program for next Wednesday, October 7th must be moved to Thursday, October 8th at the same time: 9:30am. We will be hosting 25 members in person at Waveny and will notify you in advance if you are being invited to attend in person. The remainder of the membership will be able to watch our speaker, Charles Birnbaum, via Zoom or Livestream. We will be sending information about that by a later email. This change means that the Photography Committee workshop and Waveny Walled Garden work will be postponed for another time so as not to conflict with the program. Huge apologies for any inconvenience this is causing, and we beg your understanding. Many thanks, Anda & Lauren     

Outside Opening Meeting on September 16th

Welcome back! We are trying our best to create some sense of normalcy to our 2020-2021 Garden Club year while at the same time keeping the health and safety of our membership a priority. If you feel comfortable, please do join us for our September opening meeting on the morning of Wednesday, September 16th, which will be held outside at Waveny. We will be spread out on the back lawn, socially distanced, and we will all be wearing our masks! If the weather does not cooperate and it rains, we will move our meeting to September 23rd, same set up. Please note the earlier start time!      Continue Reading →