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GCA National Affairs and Legislative Meeting

Report from Washington:
The GCA Legislative Affairs Meeting
February 23 – 25, 2010
Written by Kathy Kilbride
I was delighted to have the opportunity to travel to Washington as the New Canaan Garden Club representative to this year’s National Affairs and Legislative Meeting last month. It was my first time attending a national GCA event and, as I had been advised by others who had preceded me in this role, the experience was both enlightening and invigorating. The accumulated knowledge, savvy and political skills of the women who organize and attend this annual conference – now in existence for more than two decades – was thoroughly impressive. And, it was also clear that representatives of the GCA wield a considerable amount of respect and, it seems, influence, in DC political spheres. The collection of appointed and elected officials who came to brief our group of several hundred was impressive in stature and generally in substance. Despite some evidence to the contrary, it still appears that many governmental officials are deeply engaged in the issues of the environment. The recent legislative gridlock in federal government has, of course, impeded progress in this area but I still think we should be encouraged by the environmental goals of many elected officials, as well as the obvious knowledge and hard policy work that is being attended to by many house and senate staff, some of whom we met during our visit.     Continue Reading →

Plant Plan for the 2013 Founders Fund Project in Central Park

Click on the icon below to download the site and plant plan for 2013 Founders Fund Project in Central Park.  All 200 member clubs committed to funding this project which will restore two acres in Central Park to the original vision of Frederick Law Olmsted.  The Groundbreaking, held on Wednesday, October 5th at the East 69th and Fifth Avenue site, was attended by hundreds including some of our members: Catharine Sturgess, Caroline Garrity, Jane Gamber, Peg Salmon, and Susan O’Brien. It was wonderful to see their smiling faces and feel their support.     Continue Reading →

GCA focus Online Photography Competition

Click on the PDF link below to download the most recent issue of GCA’s focus photography magazine.  It is a special issue featuring an online photography competition where all GCA members are invited to vote.  You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking photographs and impressed with the talents of the many gifted photographers that sent in these images.  GCA welcomes our participation . . . just follow the rules and cast your ballot.  You, too, can be a judge!     Continue Reading →