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A Salute to Christchurch, New Zealand

“A Salute to Christchurch, New Zealand”

Dear Members,

Bob and I were recently in New Zealand and our last stop was Christchurch where their 22nd Festival of Flowers was being held. Much of the flower show was centered at Christchurch Cathedral. The theme of the show was “burst! of water”. The floral carpet, “Where Streams of Living Water Flow”, blanketed the central aisle of the nave. It was fabulous as were the many arrangements that filled the Cathedral.

The photos were taken on February, 20th. We flew home from Christchurch the next day, the night before the earthquake hit. As I am sure you know, the Cathedral is in ruins, as is much of the central district. We are so saddened by this terrible event, concerned for the wonderful friends that we made and people that we met, and grateful for our many wonderful memories. May you enjoy the pictures and be inspired by them.

Judy Stephan


To view Judy’s photos, move cursor to “Acvitivies” tab across top bar and then click on “Photo Gallery”.   Click on the folder labeled “A Salute to Christchurch, New Zealand” by Judy Stephan.